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- High Standards   E - Empathy   R - Resilience   E - Emotional Response

The curriculum at The Kassia Academy has been carefully selected to re-engage learners with their education whilst providing them with the currency and skills they need to be successful post 16. 

In our school, we offer a broad range of national curriculum subjects including GCSE’s and recognised equivalents, entry level certificates, and vocational qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is important to us that our learners have the opportunity to leave school with a range of qualifications as currency to enable them to access courses at post 16. All qualifications are delivered in small, nurturing groups with personalised learning from specialist teachers and teaching assistant support for all. Alongside these we provide a broad range of extra-curricular activities via our Personal Development Curriculum all underpinned by a package of therapeutic support and pastoral care.

Our aim is to provide support and encouragement to all our learners enabling them to have a positive approach to life and gain the following skills to become determined, lifelong learners and successful citizens. We approach this through our four core values;

High Standards

At Kassia we believe in instilling a core value of High Standards in everything we do. Our learners deserve the best. Our innovative and personalised curriculum, with engaging and exciting lessons, aims to get buy in and commitment from our young people. Our trauma informed environments provide comfortable and calming learning spaces and social areas in which they can learn and interact with one another. Our learners are constantly encouraged to take pride in everything they do and as a result produce beautiful learning which is celebrated. It is important to us that our young people feel we have high expectations of them and that they are in no way disadvantaged through attending our alternative provision academy.


Developing Empathy amongst our young people is vital in supporting them to become successful citizens and enabling them to build relationships with one another. Through careful coaching, pastoral care and an innovative Personal Development Curriculum our learners are encouraged to support one another through challenging situations, taking into account their difference in perspectives.


Developing Resilience is paramount to our approach. Our aim is to equip our learners with the skills they need to be able to cope with life’s challenges. More than just ‘bouncing back’ when knocked down, we focus on teaching our young people how to adapt to difficult situations and provide them with a range of coping strategies that they can draw on to be able to manage challenging situations they may face both in and out of school.

Emotional Response

Supporting our learners in understanding their emotions forms the basis of our pastoral care and is key to enabling their success. We understand that many of our young people have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. Our aim, through a package of therapeutic support, is to enable our learners to understand and manage their emotions and develop a range of coping strategies which they can draw from.


For further information on each of our centres and subjects offered, please see our Programme of Education document which is on the left-handside as a download.

You can view our Key Stage 4 Performance Results on our Ofsted page.