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Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care

Supporting our learners in understanding their emotions forms the basis of our pastoral care package and is key to enabling their success.

We understand that many of our young people have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. Our aim is to enable our learners to understand and manage their emotions and develop a range of coping strategies which they can draw from.

Kirsty Cooper is our Inclusion Manager & DDSL. Emma Wilcox and Tracy Willcock work as our Learning Mentors, Kirsty, Emma and Tracy work with every child at Kassia providing interventions and support for all learners.

Kirsty, Emma and Tracy are always on hand to support learners when they become overwhelmed and anxious. Proactive in their approach Kirsty, Emma and Tracy work closely with our young people from their initial inductions to daily support right through to re-integration if/when appropriate.

Our learning mentors are skilled practitioners and are trained in therapeutic care, trauma informed approaches and mental health support. Learners are supported through daily interaction and guidance, timetabled 1:1 sessions focussed on area of need and small group pastoral interventions.

All learners have access to our learning mentors support. In addition to working with learners in school our learning mentors often complete home visits if learners are struggling attending school.


External Agencies

Kirsty, Emma and Tracy work closely with our External Agencies ensuring learners get the help and support they need.

Often coming into school to deliver sessions and group interventions all of our learners have full access to the wrap around pastoral care they need.


Agencies we work closely with:

  • Warrington Wolves
  • Cheshire Police
  • NHS Health Team
  • We Are With You
  • Divert
  • Dellaglio Rugby Works
  • State of Mind
  • Local Authority Safeguarding Team
  • Motivational speakers such as Darryl Laycock
  • Tom Mellor, Phoenix Fire Boxing Club


School Counsellor 

David Montoya has recently joined Kings Academy Trust as School Counsellor and will be supporting children at all Kings Academy Trust sites with counselling sessions.


David is a qualified and accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor. He is an experienced counsellor of young people, having set-up and delivered a counselling programme at a pupil referral unit for children with behavioural, emotional and special educational needs. David has over 12 years of experience working with children and has been counselling children for the last 6 years.


He has a great deal of experience with child mental health issues including ADHD and autism. He uses a range of therapeutic models including play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and other models to help children cope with the demands of school life, help with social skills and help them deal with change and loss.


David is a big advocate of inclusion and ensures that children are not discriminated against for any reason.