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At the Kassia Academy and Support Services we believe that outstanding teaching leads to outstanding outcomes for our learners. Our teaching and learning programme is based around highly regarded educational principles such as Rosenshine’s principles of direct instruction and Blooms taxonomy amongst others. Our weekly CPD training programme ensures that our staff continuously develop their pedagogical understanding in order to meet the needs of each individual child. With a ‘data-rich’ tracking system, high quality feedback and assessment, and targeted intervention we strive to ensure every child reaches their potential.

Learning is planned across five learning cycles that consist of five weeks of teaching, one week of assessment and one week of GAP teaching based on question level analysis. Teachers mark using crib sheets and teach weekly GAP lessons based upon their findings. After each learning cycle, staff take part in a black box review where they meet with the Head of school and the Director of teaching and learning to discuss the data in their subject area. Where learners and groups are not achieving their target grade additional support is identified to address this underperformance. These strategies are incorporated into future lessons so that teachers specifically personalise their approach for those learners. Curriculum assessment is linked directly to the learning cycles so that progress and attainment can be monitored robustly for each learner and group. To increase the academy focus on improving outcomes all assessments are synoptic.

Each learning cycle, assessment data will be provided in a number of formats to support the learner, the teacher and the academy. This will be measured against target grades and progress scores will be used allowing the senior leadership team to carefully scrutinise the progress being made. This information will then be made part of our key performance indicators to be shared with our stakeholders and governance.


To give our learners the currency for life


To be the top alternative provision in the country (progress and attainment)


  • High quality feedback, assessment and systems
  • Data rich tracking systems with support and intervention
  • Principles of direct instruction, metacognition and blooms taxonomy