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Supporting your child with school work at home can often be a challenge. We try to ensure that any work that is required at home is limited as we have listened to parent voice and see this as a significant stress point for our children. If you require support with this, then please speak to us at school. However, some quick tips on helping with exam revision are below:

Exam Revision

  • Take an interest in your child’s schoolwork and give them plenty of encouragement and praise.
  • Support your child in taking responsibility for organising and doing their own revision.
  • Try to create a quiet space at home where your child can work without being disturbed.
  • Help your child get as much access as possible to information through either your local library and/or, if you have a computer at home, the internet.
  • Help your child create a routine that works for them.
  • Ask school for support with a home study plan to help your child manage their revision.
  • If your child is taking an important exam or test, make sure they realise that you’ll still love and value them if they fail.
  • Make sure your child tries to relax and gets plenty of sleep!