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Therapeutic Approaches

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At The Kassia Academy we offer children age 11-16 the opportunity to re-engage with education and access a wide range of therapeutic support to support them with current and historical trauma. 

With an experienced staff team, thoroughly trained in the latest trauma informed and neuro-scientific approaches, we strive to equip our learners with the tools and strategies they need in order to cope with their childhood trauma, access their education and be successful in their lives.  

Our learners often have high “Adverse Childhood Experience” scores (ACEs) and have been unable to experience success within the constraints of a mainstream school. Many of our learners arrive in crisis and require trauma informed approaches and therapeutic support to enable them to access their learning.

Our therapeutic approach focuses on many aspects of our young peoples needs. From the re-engagement in their education, acceptance of SEND needs, building relationships with peers and adults, coping with childhood trauma, support with addictions and behavioural disorders being just some of the barriers they face. 

Therapeutic Interventions

Our Therapeutic Intervention Programme has been developed through a wide range research around trauma informed practice.

Through engaging learners in therapeutic interventions we hope to provide our learners with wrap around care and an intense support package that in time will enable them to overcome the barriers they face both inside and outside of the school environment. Delivered by trained staff and external agencies interventions are often identified by the referring school during induction however pastoral staff will continue to refer learners for interventions throughout their time with us.


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Trauma Informed Environment

When re-designing our Environment at The Kassia Academy, we turned to Trauma Informed research to ensure all of our centres were calm and comfortable spaces with muted, natural colour schemes and a range of textured soft furnishings to support sensory and SEND needs. 

Decorated in a calming palette of soft greens, greys and creams with natural materials, soft lighting and plants in every classroom it was our aim to create naturally calming areas. Learners have access to cozy reading snugs, calming social spaces and quiet break out areas in which they can remove themselves when they need to. Classrooms are uncluttered with a consistent colour palette, minimal displays and a range of seating options to suit each child's needs. Learners have access to sensory support such as fiddle toys, doodle white boards and weighted blankets to support SEND needs.

Henry The Therapoo

We are lucky enough to have our very own therapy dog at Kassia Academy; Henry The Therapoo is a full time therapy dog supporting learners and delivering therapeutic care. 

In 2018 Lindsay Regan (Headteacher) decided to buy the school a therapy dog. Countless hours of research into therapy dogs, benefits of animal therapy, suitable breeds, appropriate training and risk assessments ensued and the decision to buy a cockapoo puppy was made. 

Cockapoo’s are kind and gentle in nature and very tolerant. Often used as support and therapy dogs they are intelligent. Their coats are low shedding and more importantly they are known to have very low dander which can cause allergies.

Henry was born on May 1st 2018 and joined the school in September 2018 where he immediately began working with children and building relationships. Henry has worked hard to complete his training over the past couple of years attending weekly puppy training sessions and sitting his FoundationBronze and Silver exams. 

Henry is a fully integrated member of our school community. He meets and greets visitors, spends time in lessons, completes home visits, attends trips and takes part in 1:1 and group therapeutic work. Learners at Kassia respond extremely well to Henry; he has a calming influence and learners treat him with kindness and compassion. Henry often takes part in pastoral sessions when learners are not ready to speak to an adult and he has even supported learners in meetings when they have felt anxious. 

Our Learners also enjoy reading aloud to to Henry who is a very keen listener. Reading aloud helps our learners develop their use of language to make sense of the world; it improves their information processing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Henry is brilliant at making everybody feel special. He reduces the anxiety within our Learners from the minute he starts the school day!

We feel very lucky to have him.

Keep up with Henry’s adventures: 

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