Governing Body & Trustees

Local Governing Body

The role of the school Governors:

Governors play a key role in any school. The governors at The Kassia Academy are an important part of the school family and help to ensure the school is supported at every turn.

The key core functions are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its learners, and the performance management of staff.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

Kassia’s governance is overseen by the Governor Hub which oversees both The Kassia and Arbour Academy. All members of the Governing body are appointed by the full committee and agreed by the Trust Board. Community and Associate members are chosen and selected to bring relevant skills to support the school. Staff and Parent members are then approved by the full committee.


Local Governing Body

Jacob Bond - Chair of the Local Governing Body/Safeguarding Governor

Jacob Bond - Chair of the Local Governing Body/Safeguarding Governor

I have been Governor and Vice Chair at Arbor Academy (previously The Canterbury Centre) since 2013. I’m really looking forward to also supporting Kassia Academy, as part of the Pupil Referral Unit LGB Hub as Vice Chair.

I have 10 years’ experience in managing human resources and operational functions, most recently in the education sector. I’m currently a Business and Operations Manager at a mainstream Academy Trust in Tameside with oversight of finance, human resources, premises, catering, health, and safety. I have experience in organisational development and ensuring operating models best support delivery of the school’s aims.

I’m also a volunteer manager and trustee with The Scouts, providing strategic direction and leading on transforming governance in Scout charities across Salford, Trafford, and Wigan.

In my role as a governor, volunteer and my ‘day job’, I’m committed to supporting leaders in providing young people with the best opportunities inside and outside of a classroom.

Julia Chapman - SEND Governor

Julia Chapman - SEND Governor

I am currently retired from the Teaching profession after forty-six years in service. During that period, which was spent in Salford, as a main scale teacher and head of Science Department. Later as a curriculum advisory as part of the Salford School’s Improvement Service. My final position in Salford was Deputy Head Teacher at the Canterbury Centre.

While teaching I gained accreditation to deliver training for educational settings related to Radicalisation and Extremism, Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace and Youth Mental Health First Aid UK. This training I use frequently throughout the year.

In my own time I am part of the management structure of a local Netball Club; in which I’m Head Coach and Safeguarding Officer.  

Since retiring I have attended Governor training in Safe Recruitment, ACE’s, and specific SEND training with Warrington Borough Council.

I have been a Governor at the Canterbury centre since 2012 and I’m looking forward to working along side new colleagues as part of the Pupil Referral Unit LGB Hub as a SEND Governor.

I believe that my experience in developing young people’s talents and encouraging the growth and development of new staff members gives me the necessary qualities to take an active role on any Management Committee.

Simon Lennox - Governor

Simon Lennox - Governor

Throughout my teaching career I have worked in large comprehensive 11-16 high schools. My career has taken me from teaching maths in Stockport, through Head of Department in a central Manchester high school, to senior leadership in Tameside and Headteacher in Salford. I have been in my current post since June 2019. I believe that children who have suffered adverse childhood experiences need the highest levels of support and care to help them achieve and participate as active members of their community and that high quality alternative education provision is key to this.

Louise Atkin - Governor

Louise Atkin - Governor

I am delighted to be working to support Arbour Academy and Kassia.

I have had 25 years’ experience in Education, spanning roles as a teacher, member of senior leadership teams in 2 schools, Headteacher and most recently Head of Education for Warrington Borough Council.

I have a deep track record in primary school improvement, staff development and addressing the challenges of inclusion, from extreme social deprivation through to provision for complex needs.  I have a particular specialism in SEND and have led a school with a Designated Provision.

Jacqueline Bowen - Governor

Jacqueline Bowen - Governor

Bio coming soon 

Heather Burke - Staff Governor

Heather Burke - Staff Governor

I am in my 3rd year at The Kassia Academy working as English and Literacy Lead.

Working across both of our school sites, I have a strong understanding of the wide variety and complex needs of our learners and the total dedication required in our daily job roles.

As staff governor, I can actively contribute to the wider vision and strategy of the school is one that I would greatly appreciate. My intent is to highlight the key issues we all face with our learners and utilise the governing body to develop and implement strategies that help staff thrive in our setting.

Sangeeta Shakos - Staff Governor

Sangeeta Shakos - Staff Governor

Having become disillusioned from the mainstream education system I moved to The Canterbury Centre (Arbour Academy) in 2014. As well as teaching math's, I am also a certified yoga teacher and hold a further qualification in ‘Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teenagers’.

I believe that having a diverse range of views an essential part of making up a successful management committee, and look forward to this exciting opportunity  to set a strategic direction where we can embed an ambitious curriculum, invest in CPD for staff and hold leaders to account for the academic and social outcomes of our pupils.

Paula Kearney - Parent Governor

Paula Kearney - Parent Governor

I am a mother of 2 children, of which one, attends The Kassia Academy. 

I was previously employed as a Nurse and a Musician, but I am no longer working due to parental responsibilities.

I have a passion to help people. I am a caring and empathetic person and strive to help where I can and make others feel better. I believe in equality and freedom of speech.

The Kassia Academy has been amazing for my daughter who has ASD and could not cope in a mainstream setting.

I beleive that there should be more schools like Kassia, that are tailored to children that need something more than mainstream. We are all different and learn in different ways so why should we expect everyone to cope the same?

I want to support children and their parents wherever possible as I beleive it is vital for future generations. 

Governor Details

Current Members
Previous Members
Name Role/Type Term of Office Subcommittee membership register Signed business committees Pecuniary Interests
Community (Chair/
24.02.21 - 23.02.25 Curriculum & Pupil
Welfare – Chair,
Finance, Staffing,
Premises & H&S – Chair
Yes Trustee on KAT, Trustee
on GMWC Scout Group
Employee of Prospere
Learning Trust
Staff (SEND) 01.01.24 - 31.12.28

Standard and Effectiveness,


Yes None declared
Community 25.03.21 - 24.03.25

Standards and Effectiveness,

Pupil Premium

Yes None declared
Jacqueline Bowen Community 15.03.24 - 16.03.28 Standards and Effectiveness, Attendance Yes None declared
Staff 18.04.23 - 18.04.27 Standard and Effectiveness Yes None declared 
Staff 12.05.23 - 11.05.27 Staff and Pupil Welbeing  Yes None declared
Paula Kearney Parent 04.03.24 - 03.04.28 Staff and Pupil Wellbeing Yes None declared
Louise Atkin Community 13.12.23 - 13.12.27 Staff ad Pupil Wellbeing, Safeguarding  Yes None declared
Name Role/Type Term of Office Subcommittee membership register Signed business committees Pecuniary Interests
Miss Jacqui

Community (Chair/


05.01.21 -
Curriculum & Pupil
Welfare – Chair,
Finance, Staffing,
Premises & H&S
Yes Trustee on Oakwood
Academy Trust Board
Ms Rachel Knight

Community Governor


11.07.22 - 13.03.24 Standards and Effectiveness Yes None declared
Mr Lee Darwin

Parent Governor 


17.02.23 - 13.09.23 Staff and Pupil Wellbeing Yes None declared
Mr John Leonard 

Community Governor


25.03.21 -06.07.23 Staff and Pupil Wellbeing, Safeguarding- Kassia Yes None declared

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Meeting Attendance 2023-24

Name Local Governing 
Body Meeting
Date: TBC
Staff & Pupil
Welfare Committee
Date: TBC
Standards & Effectiveness Committee
Date: TBC
Jacob Bond      
Heather  Burke      
Julia Chapman      
Lee Darwin      
Donna Hindley      
Jacqui Hughes      
Rachel Knight      
Simon Lennox      
John Leonard      
Julie Owen      
Lindsay Regan      
Sangeeta Shakos      

Meeting Attendance 2022-23

Name Local Governing
Body Meeting
Date: 10.5.23
Staff & Pupil
Welfare Committee
Date: 13.6.23
Standards & Effectiveness Committee
Date: 20.6.23
Jacob Bond Attended Attended N/A
Heather Burke Apologies Accepted N/A Attended
Julia Chapman Apologies Accepted N/A Apologies Accepted
Lee Darwin Apologies Accepted Apologies not Accepted N/A
Donna Hindley N/A Attended Attended
Jacqui Hughes Attended Attended N/A
Rachel Knight Apologies Accepted N/A N/A
Simon Lennox Attended N/A Attended
John Leonard Apologies Accepted Apologies not Accepted  
Julie Owen Attended Attended Attended
Lindsay Regan Attended Attended Attended
Sangeeta Shakos N/A Attended N/A