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Stakeholder Voice

At Kassia Academy we value the opinions of Parents, Staff, Stakeholders and our learners.

Stakeholder Engagement touches every aspect of school life and its presence, either through conscious application or as a happy consequence of good management, is a vital factor in ensuring that The Kassia Academy is capable of helping every individual learner achieve their potential. It has never been more important than it is today.


A parents thank you (1)

I just wanted to pass on our thanks and appreciation for the support, nurturing and understanding you have shown our son, since he started 2 weeks ago.

Today, he has just completed his first full week of education in school since Year 7. Even with only 1 hours sleep on Sunday!

I am honestly blown away by how calm, relaxed and happy he is both going in and coming out of school.

We've had no dramas or complaining (which had become par of the exhausting course) and he is so talkative and chilled out. It has been lovely to see.

I know we are not quite there yet with a number of things and there will be lots he will still struggle with, but for now we are relishing in the fact that he has completed a full week.

Thank you for getting him there. Thank you for seeing him for more than just a number. Thank you for being human. 

A parents thank you (2)

To every single member of staff at The Kassia Academy. It is with a sad heart that I write this as our son is leaving the “Willows Family.” I cannot begin to thank you all for the kindness, support and unwavering care you have shown to our son during his time with you.

Each and every one of you, are the most fantastic individuals and we have felt so privileged to have you involved in our son’s school life.

You have shown care, compassion and understanding & allowed him to feel safe, as he has built a great level of trust with you all. He has loved every minute of every day with you and we wish he could stay at The Willows forever!

The impact you have had on our family life away from school hours is immense. Our home life is so much calmer as he is so much happier. He no longer hurts his sister who bore the brunt of his frustrations after a day in mainstream, where he struggled to cope and manage his emotions. As a parent, you totally removed the dread I used to feel at pick up time, waiting to see how his day had been!

Thank you so much for everything. 

A parents thank you (3)

I am emailing to thank all of the staff at Willows. My son has been attending now for 3 weeks and he is a completely different boy compared to when he was at his mainstream school. Your staff are brilliant with him, he listens to them, cooperates with them and even does his school work! He is up and ready every morning with no meltdowns, wanting to go to school. 

At home we have seen a positive change in his behaviour and attitude. I think we we might have found the right school and environment for him. Thanks again! 

A parents thank you (4)

I am more than happy with ******** progress. I know she is happy and content attending Kassia. Her confidence is growing everyday. This is all thanks to you and your amazing staff.  I can't thank you enough for your patience and support! I never thought we would get to this point with her. 

A parents thank you (5)

To all of the amazing staff at Kassia.

****** is not one for his words, so just wanted to say thank you on his behalf for supporting him and believing in him, even when he didn't himself.

You are all amazing. Keep up the good work! 



Staff Voice - Wellbeing

Overall, 94% of staff believe that working at the Kassia Academy gives them a sense of achievement.  

87.5% of staff feel supported and listened to by their manager. The remaining 12.5% neither agree nor disagree.

All staff are proud to work at The Kassia Academy. 

Overall, 81.25 % of staff feel supported by their colleagues; the remainder neither agree nor disagree. 

75% of staff would recommend the Kassia Academy as a great place to work 5% disagree and 10% neither agree nor disagree 

94% of staff would rate their wellbeing as good


'For Housing' Alternative Provision Provider


This is just a quick email to say how well your learners are doing with us. All your learners have settled in well and are doing extremely well.

The year 10’s are great, have settled in well, and chatty and relaxed when in the centre.

The year 11’s have also done really well, mixing with other learners from other schools, and have impressed me with their work ethic.

All in all, this has been a great start to the year.


Early Help Team Manager

I know at times your cohort get bad press, but just wanted to share this as I felt the young people and staff supporting them were a credit to your school and this needs to be recongised the the young peoples mainstream schools. 

If you can extend my thanks to the staff team who are and were fantastic throughout.


Greencore - Manager

Working with the Kassia Academy has been inspiring and motivational from both a professional and personal point of view.

The ethos of the school and the dedication, commitment and passion shown by the staff is an example to everyone in how to behave when helping others who need guiding in a direction. This direction is not defined by the staff at Kassia, but is creating individually, per pupil, based on their individual traits, personalities and needs. The children I have met when visiting have always been welcoming, if not a little suspicious, but interested in who we are and what we do.

We have engaged with our colleagues, who have expressed an interest in getting involved with the school through a mentoring program. We hope to move this forward before the end of term and set a plan for the next school year of interaction and engagement with pupils coming to site to gain an experience of the workplace.”


'Headstart' Alternative Provision Provider

All of the learners who attend with us on a weekly basis are doing fantastic!

They are all on course to complete a qualification. They enjoy attending and have learned some excellent skills. They are very sociable and seem to talk openly to us.

We receive excellent support from all the staff at Kassia.

Longbarn Residents Association

It has been a pleasure to welcome the new school management into the Longbarn Community. There has been total co-operation from the beginning with Longbarn Residents’ Association (LRA) and the Academy is now part of our community in general. No longer is the school seen as a blot on the landscape with a 100% increase in education & discipline. There is a professionalism in giving the learners the necessary education to fit them to contribute to the community. There is a very marked decrease in anti-social behaviour.  This has resulted in improved academic success.


LRA are totally committed to supporting the ethos that improves the chances that learners have when leaving this facility.


We are happy now to have moved into adjoining premises on the Fallowfield Grove site provided by the Academy to be used as the Headquarters of Longbarn Residents’ Association giving us sole use of an office and meeting room which we have not had since our inauguration in August 2012.


This joint development can only be good for both organisations.